Sunday, September 22, 2013

mmigration reform 2013: House Republicans ditch the ... Northern Voices Online
There is some not so great news on immigration reform 2013. Latest update suggest that House Republicans have ditched the comprehensive bill.
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In immigration news: 'Gang of 7' bill appears dead, use of force on ... 89.3 KPCC (blog)
A member of the bipartisan House of Representatives 'Gang of Seven' group working on an immigration reform plan has acknowledge that the proposal isn't ...
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US immigration reformers push Obama for executive action
Supporters of radical immigration reform in the US are trying to persuade President Obama to use his presidential powers to cut through the 'gridlock' in ...
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Hispanics to become largest group in California New York Daily News
"The Hispanic population is the reason why California is not aging as fast as other states, and the immigration to our state comes mostly from Mexico, Central ...
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Immigration reform 2013: bill will be passed if presented in the House, says Obama


During an interview, while speaking about the bill that earlier passed the acid test of clearing the Democrat controlled Senate, and now lying in the Republican controlled House, Obama said: “It would pass, it would pass.


Hallway chat led to rescue of driver's license bill - Los Angeles Times The backstory behind the quick revival of a California bill proposing driver's licenses for unauthorized immigrants, which appeared dead last Thursday morning after its sponsor backed off. The bill cleared both houses of state legislature Thursday night.
Bill would let undocumented immigrants be lawyers - San Francisco Chronicle On the speedy introduction and passage of AB 1024, hastily cobbled together after the California Supreme Court recently heard the case of Sergio Garcia, a law school graduate who can't practice law because he's spent years waiting for his green card but doesn't have it yet.
Immigrants lacking papers work legally - as their own bosses - Los Angeles Times While federal law prohibits employers from hiring unauthorized immigrants, they can legally employ themselves if they create a limited liability company or become independent contractors. For some, especially those who are college-educated, this has become one way to earn a living.
A dream derailed for former poster child for immigration reform - Tampa Bay Times The story of Juan Gomez, who became a rallying point for advocates in 2007 as a teen when he was nearly deported to Colombia. After a successful campaign to keep him in the U.S., he won a scholarship to Georgetown University and landed a good job. But he became stuck in a backlog for a new work permit for deferred action. Unable to work, he left the country last month.
Miss America crowns 1st winner of Indian descent - CNN Nina Davuluri, whose father emigrated from India 30 years ago, has been crowned the first Miss America of Indian descent. She played it up during the talent contest with a performance of "classic Indian dances fused with Bollywood moves." But her win wasn't devoid of hate-speech comments online.